Athens: Must See Sights and Places to Visit

Published: 13th March 2009
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Athens is the great capital city of Greece. Who wouldn't want to visit Athens? The city has so much to offer the visitors. If you like art, they have art; if you like dining out, then you can dine out; if you like atmosphere that are friendly, then you will find that friendly atmosphere. Athens is perfect for everyone from the very young to the very old. You don't even have to have knowledge about this city to visit it. Although, a little bit of knowledge of the city and what it has to offer may be great. Within this article, we are going to be telling you some information, the main sights and places to visit in Athens.

First off, Athens just so happens to be amongst the oldest cities in the world, so yes, there is a lot of history behind it. It's the biggest old city as it has an immense population. In fact, there is over five million individuals residing within the walls of Athens.

When you set foot in Athens, you are going to come across ancient buildings and museums that you will be able to visit. There is no denying that this is one fascinating city that is perfect for the daytime people, but it is also great for those night goers. You can happily visit the city during any season as the sun shines all year long, which creates a pleasant atmosphere where happiness lingers in the air. If you compare Athens to the other parts of Mediterranean Europe, you are going to find that it is much drier. During the summer time, high pollution generally occurs, so spring and winter are the best time to be outside in Athens.

The city of Athens has improves so much in its infrastructure and amenities that it has become a tourist spot that is very trendy. Some of the remarkable sights that you will find consist of Psirri, Omonoia, Syntagma and Gazi. There are many different hills, universities and museums.

As you are in Athens, you will definitely have to visit the Acropolis. This is the worship place for the Neolithic men. Because of the land-fills you are going to see that Acropolis has a top that is flat. You will find various caves inside this historical place along with spring water that flows through the slopes. As one enters the Acropolis, there are going to come across Propypaea, which is a monumental gateway. We must admit, the Acropolis of Athens truly is something to be amazed about.

We all know Athena, which brings us to our next part of Athens - Parthenon. The Parthenon is a holy tempo of the ever so popular Greek Goddess, Athena. It burnt down in 480BC by the Persians, but there are still some remains of it. The Parthenon has received a lot of attention throughout the world as some individuals are comparing it to the pyramids. This is a building that is shaped like a rectangle and has been built out of white marbles. In the middle of it, you will see a forty foot statue of the goddess, which is made out of wood.

Here were only a few sights and attractions. There is so much more that Athens will be offering you. There is the Old Town Plaka, Syntagma Square, National Archaeological Museum, Benaki Museum, Roman Agora and much more.

The main sights and places to visit in Athens: Athens Sightseeing & Attractions

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